Interview with Norma John (Finland 2017)

They won the Finnish national final back in February and impressed everyone with the alternative ballad “Blackbird”. Now, they reserved some time to answer the questions from the ESC Brasil website and, of course, the Brazilian fans!

The Interview

ESC BRASIL: Can you give us a short introduction of how Norma John came to be? How did Lasse and Leena turn into Norma John

NJ: Norma John is an indie-band of two friends; Leena and Lasse. We write our own songs and do music because we love and it’s our passion! We both have been in love with music since we were little and had all kind of music related hobbies! We met 15 years ago when we were teenagers and started doing music together.

ESC BRASIL: About your song “Blackbird”, what came first? The song or your decision to participate in the Finnish national? What gave you the strength to face the competition? Did you have any personal hint or sign that guided you to “go ahead”? What was this hint or sign?

The song came first. Our method of writing music is just to write what you feel and what sounds good to us. It easily comes too “calculated” if you start writing it directly to a purpose. We mean it doesn’t work for us. When the song was written it felt it is strong enough for this competition and that we can stand behind it 100% !

ESC BRASIL: Can you share the most meaningful moment for you while composing “Blackbird”? And what does the song mean to you? What is its core message?

The song is about loosing some-one. It is a song that almost everyone can relate to, because we´ve all been there! But we don’t think of it as just a sad song, it feels hopeful and empowering to us too. Music can help us through difficult things in our lives. 

ESC BRASIL: Both your performance and video clip are amazing! Do you intend to maintain the same visual style for your ESC stage performance?

We hope to keep the performance pretty much the same! It was important to us that it reflects the song. And we think it did!

ESC BRASIL:  How do you see Eurovision’s role in your career as artists? Can you name ONE wish and ONE fear?

At this point we wish that we can get our music out there for people who want to hear it. And we have to say, that for now we don’t have any fears related to ESC

ESC BRASIL: What’s your favorite ESC 2017 so far? (besides Blackbird of course)

We haven’t heard other songs yet! It’s been so crazy busy! Have to take the time to listen to them soon!

ESC BRASIL: What’s your all-time favorite Finnish entry on Eurovision? And your all-time favorite Eurovision song?

Finnish entrant: Softengine! And all-time favorite: Loreen! Her song was so powerful and fresh sounded at the time!

ESC BRASIL:  What are your musical inspirations?

Many artist and bands inspirate us but to name a few: Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, Jeff Buckley, Brandi Carlile, Sigur Rós… and many others!

ESC BRASIL: As an artist and as an individual, what would your most important lesson to the world be?

We have to accept people like they are and stop the hating! That is just a venom that doesn’t do anyone any good!

ESC BRASIL: Now about Brazil, have you been to Brazil? Do you know anything about Brazilian music?

No, we haven’t, but we would love to visit and get to know Brazilian music better!

We, from the ESC Brazil team wish all the best for Lasse and Leena in Kiev. Hope to see you guys there!<3

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Interview with Norma John (Finland 2017)

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