Interview with Hildur, from Söngvakeppnin 2017

Iceland is participating on the the Eurovision Song Contest for 31 years… And the country hasn’t won it yet, but they got close. The first time with Selma’s  “All Out of Luck” in 1999 and Yohanna with “Is It True” ten years after. Both ladies came second on the Grand Final.

Since 1986, they’ve chosen the acts for the Eurovision Song Contest on a national selective process, the Söngvakeppnin.  And we, from ESC Brasil, interviewed one of the acts on this year’s competition!

She took part of various groups, toured Europe with one of them, and now she’s coming back to the national selection after participating in 2015.


It’s Hildur!

She’s competing on the 2017’s Söngvakeppnin with the song “Bammbaramm”, and answerd our questions about her entry and her career in Europe. Check it out! 😀


ESC Brasil: Hi Hildur, how are you?

Hi! I’m super good! I just released a video to my song and I’m very happy with the outcome, so yeah, I’m great!

ESC Brasil: Can you tell us more about you and your work in the past?

I’ve been in music since I can remember, started with playing the cello, which I did for 8 years for example with Ólafur Arnalds. Then I moved into singing and writing songs and I was the singer in a band called Rökkurró. We made experimental/classical/indie- pop-rock songs – haha hard to describe! We released 3 albums. Then I have been singing with different projects like rappers and other bands but it was in 2014 I wrote my first pop song with my friend Guffi that participated in Söngvakeppnin 2015 – it was called Fjaðrir. From then on I just loved the feeling of writing pop songs so last year – 2016 I released my first pop song as a solo act, Hildur. It’s called I’ll Walk With You and was a #1 hit in Iceland so since then I’ve been quite busy with performing here and writing more songs 🙂


ESC Brasil: When did you decided to compete on Söngvakeppnin? And how did you feel when you knew you were accepted as a participant?

When I released the song “I’ll Walk With You” in February 2016 many people said that this should have been our Eurovision song that year. So I thought – “Ok if I can write a similar song that is very catchy, I’ll send it in!” And then this song idea came into my mind last fall, so I knew right away I had to try and send it in. I was extremely happy when it was selected as it’s always hard to get into this competition, I know a lot of talented people that have sent in songs and not been qualified!

ESC Brasil: You are one of the 3 acts that wrote their songs alone. How the idea for Bammbaramm came to you?

Yes, and I’m very proud of it being a song I wrote myself 🙂 The idea came as I had just met my boyfriend and full of love! I wanted to put it in a song – but I didn’t want to write a typical or cheesy love song – I wanted to write a song that made people move and be happy! The “Bammbaramm” idea for the chorus came very quickly and easily and I had it stuck on my brain for a week afterwards, so I figured – this must be good!

ESC Brasil: You have recorded the song in two languages, Icelandic and English. If you could choose one of them to go to the Eurovison, which one it would be?

Yes, this is the rule in Iceland, you have to do an Icelandic version! I will use the English one if I qualify. I think Eurovision is all about connecting with people from around the world – and I think that it’s easier to do it in English 🙂 Also, my whole Hildur solo project is in English, so I think that’s a better fit. But I really love the Icelandic lyrics as they came so easily to me when I was writing!

ESC Brasil: Some fans, here in Brazil, are really addicted to your song, even dancing everytime they listen to it. Have you thought about how the performance on Söngvakeppnin will look? If yes, there will be some dancing?

Aww that’s so sweet! Yes, I’ve been thinking about it a lot – and the stage is meant to make people feel happy! So yes, there will be dancing and there will be glitter 😀

ESC Brasil: Besides Bammbaramm, what is the song that you are listening / liking the most at the moment?

I love Svala‘s song from Söngvakeppnin! She’s an amazing singer and I look forward to seeing her on the stage!

ESC Brasil: If you could choose one of the previous Eurovision songs as a favorite, which one would you choose?

I have a long list of Eurovision favorites but right now it’s Australia’s Sound of Silence with Dami Im from 2016. I love singing along to it!

ESC Brasil: You have toured around a lot of countries with the band Rökkurró. Do you have some country that you liked the most?

Yes, that has been one of the best parts of being in Rökkurró – touring in Europe! I loved many of the places but my favorites are Poland, Germany and the Netherlands.

ESC Brasil: And about Brazil? Have you ever been here? Do you knw something about brazilian music or there’s something from our country that you like?

No unfortunately I’ve never been to Brazil but it’s on my list of countries I must visit soon! I don’t know any Brazilian artists that I can remember. Anyone you recommend? 😉 The first thing that comes into mind about Brazil is Capirinha, love it!

ESC Brasil: Thank you for the interview Hildur! We are wishing all the best for you on Söngvakeppnin so we could see you in Kiev. Could you send a message for the Brazilian fans?

Thank you so much, I can’t wait to perform! To Eurovision lovers in Brazil: I love how interested you are in the competition and I hope that Brazil can one day participate like Australia does 😀 Hope to see you one day in Brazil, I would love to play a show there! Lots of love from Iceland to Brazil <3

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Interview with Hildur, from Söngvakeppnin 2017

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